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Roof Repair


Notice of RoofReplacement!!!

Commercial Premium Roofing willbe replacing roofs on all buildings.  The
shingles being installed are a higher grade than you currently have and we find
that to be a big plus. Roofing will begin on Monday September 17, 2018.
 They plan to start and finish one roof a day, weather
permitting, until all buildings are done. To keep your paintings, pictures, and
anything else of value from possibly falling off the wall you might want to
remove them until your building is complete.
 The Association and roofing company cannot be held responsible for items
falling from your walls. You should also take steps to remove breakable items
from your patio/balcony to prevent shingles/debris from falling on them and
causing damage.

The property is also getting new
gutters and downspouts installed by CPR but it will be following the roof
completion of your building.

We are thanking you in advancefor your patience during this noisy period.

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