As a landlord, you never want to say goodbye to a tenant forcefully, but unfortunately, sometimes circumstances make eviction a reality.


At Classic Property Management in Arlington, TX, we understand that eviction can be a difficult and overwhelming process for landlords and property owners, especially if you manage from outside of the state.


Our experienced property management team can step in during trying times and help you navigate the eviction process easily and efficiently.


Eviction assistance is an essential service that we offer to our clients who need to evict unruly tenants but do not have the experience with the process to do so with legal and ethical confidence.

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Who Needs Eviction Assistance?

If you’re a landlord facing a difficult situation with tenants, eviction can help you onto the path toward desirable long-term renters. 


Eviction assistance can help with the legalities and formalities of the eviction process, and the help of our management team ensures all evictions are handled professionally and efficiently.


Landlords trust Classic Property Management to make their experience in our industry pleasant. Even when times are tough, you can lean on us for support in everything involving communication with tenants during an eviction, legal guidance, and more!

The Eviction Process

Provide a Notice to the Tenant

Before a landlord can start the eviction process, they need to provide a written notice to the tenant informing them of the reason for eviction and how much time they have to vacate the property. 

In Texas the eviction notice is a 3-day notice that is meant to move the eviction process along quickly.


File an Eviction Lawsuit

If the tenant fails to move out by the deadline specified in the notice, we can help you file an eviction lawsuit with the local court. 

You’ll have to provide evidence supporting the reason for eviction and the notice given to the tenant. 

From there, the tenant must be served with a summons informing them of the lawsuit. 

The court will schedule a hearing to consider the case, and both the you and tenant must attend. 


Obtain a Judgment

After the court process, If the court rules in favor of you, they will issue a judgment that gives you the legal right to evict the tenant. Aside from granting you your legal right to evict, the judgment will also specify a deadline for the tenant to vacate your property.


Get Your Writ of Possession

Once you’ve received your court judgment, you are able to gain your writ of possession from the courts. This is a legal order that gives you the full right to retain your property after you’ve evicted a tenant.

This writ gives you the power to physically remove the tenant and their possessions from your property if they fail to vacate by the court-mandated date. Typically, law enforcement issues the writ and is the driving force behind removing the tenant and ensuring your order of eviction is successful.

Eviction Assistance

Landlords in Arlington rely on Classic Property Management’s comprehensive eviction assistance services to protect their rights and reputation.

Here’s how we can step in and ensure your eviction process runs smoothly.


Legal Support

Over the years, we’ve developed professional relationships with experienced attorneys specializing in landlord-tenant law. We can connect you with an attorney in your area who can provide you with legal advice and guidance regarding the dos and don’ts of the eviction process. 

Aside from legal counsel, an eviction attorney can ensure all necessary paperwork is filed correctly and in a timely manner.

In the rare case that your eviction ends up in front of a judge, our attorneys can represent you in court and ensure your case is presented in the best possible light. They will argue on your behalf and provide evidence to support your case.


Tenant Communication

We understand that communication with tenants can be a sensitive matter, especially during an eviction. Our team will handle all communication with your tenant on your behalf, ensuring that all necessary information is relayed effectively and professionally.


Post-Eviction Management 

Once the eviction process is complete, our team will market your property and use our management strategy to attract new, favorable tenants in a timely manner. 

From tenant screening to lease agreements and ongoing property maintenance, we take the challenge of finding new tenants and turn it on its head.


How We Can Help with the Eviction Process

Classic Property Management prides itself on delivering personalized, respectful eviction assistance services to our clients. We understand that every case is unique, and we will work closely with you to create a customized plan that fits your specific needs.


If you are facing eviction issues, don’t hesitate; to reach out to us today to learn more about our services and become a member of a “classic” family!