Having the right tenants renting out your property is what really makes being a landlord worth it. Classic Property Management is a team of property managers in Arlington, TX that specializes in screening tenants and placing the best tenants at our client’s rental properties throughout DFW.

Our selective screening services for landlords gives us the power to attract and select tenants for your properties that are in line with your desired standards, allowing you to build strong relationships from the start.

Our property management professionals identify top-notch occupants with good credit scores who lower the threat of late payments and bad behaviors that could harm your property.

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Why Have Us Screen Your Tenants?

Screening potential tenants thoroughly helps ensure that property owners place individuals who will respect your residential property and take care of it, as well as pay rent on time.

Additionally, screening reports can help protect landlords from any legal issues or damages that may arise due to irresponsible tenant behavior. Classic Property Management has the expertise and resources necessary to screen tenants properly so you can rest assured knowing that you have found trustworthy individuals for your rental properties.

When you screen through our process, you save time on important decisions, remain legally compliant as a landlord, reduce costly evictions, and have a higher likelihood of better tenants boosting your property’s value.

Our Screening Process

At Classic Property Management, we understand that screening potential tenants goes beyond just their general rental history. We take a comprehensive approach to tenant screening in order to ensure our clients have the best possible tenants with no eviction history in their properties.

We utilize advanced technology and techniques such as credit checks, criminal background checks, employment verification, reference checks and more to make sure that each tenant is properly screened for any potential issues or liabilities. Our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind knowing they are placing trustworthy individuals into their rental properties.


How Can We Help You Manage Tenant Relationships?

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When you have our North Texas property managers on your side, you have the experience you need to ensure tenants have an enjoyable, comfortable rental experience on your property.

We offer faster resolution of problems, maintenance requests and repairs.

As a landlord, it’s important to keep your tenants informed about any special projects that might disrupt their routine. Whether you are planning on doing renovations or making repairs to the property, Classic Property Management keeps your tenants in the loop. This helps build your long-term relationship with tenants in your rental home.

We also gather renter feedback. We use surveys, interviews, and other methods of communication to get an understanding of how tenants feel about your rental property.

Our team tracks complaints or concerns renters may have regarding the property so that we can address them quickly and efficiently. By actively collecting renters’ feedback, we are able to make sure all necessary repairs are completed on time while nurturing strong relationships with tenants.

If you’re ready to hire a property management company for tenant screening, contact us today to learn more about our property management services.