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Signs You Need Eviction Assistance as a Landlord

December 15, 2023
Signs You Need Eviction Assistance as a Landlord

Being a landlord comes with many responsibilities, including standards like rent collection and property maintenance. However, one of the most difficult situations landlords face is when they need to evict a tenant.

Evictions can be stressful and costly if not handled properly. Even though some experienced landlords may think they have a handle on an eviction situation, there are some signs that indicate professional eviction assistance is necessary:

Let’s get into when it’s time to call Classic Property Management for help with evictions on your Dallas, Texas, properties.

Is it Time for Eviction?

Tenant Frequently Pays Rent Late

If your renter consistently pays rent a few days or weeks late, this is a red flag. While an occasional late payment may be understandable, a pattern of late rent indicates a problem that risks your finances.

The tenant may be having financial difficulties or just disregarding the rental agreement. Either way, this needs to be addressed before it leads to nonpayment, where you’re left on the hook to handle total property payments for your rental.

Tenant Stops Paying Rent Entirely

Once a tenant misses an entire rental payment, it’s time to take action. They are in clear violation of the lease agreement.

Immediately meet with your Dallas property management team to contact the tenant in writing and request payment. If the tenant cannot pay, a temporary payment plan could resolve the issue.

However, if the nonpayment continues, you will likely have to start eviction.

Property Damages

Your rental property is your renter’s home for the time being. So, it’s natural that they are responsible for properly maintaining the rental unit.

If you receive complaints or notice damage to the property, the tenant may be violating the lease. Although standard property maintenance like minor plumbing or electric repairs aren’t deal-breakers, severe damages or unsanitary conditions often require eviction. Once you start the eviction process, our team can help you thoroughly document any property damage with photographs and written records of extensive damage.

Engagement in Illegal Activity

Engaging in illegal activity like drug use, violence, or other criminal acts, is grounds for lease termination. If you suspect or receive reports of illegal tenant activity, you may need to evict them and contact the authorities.

Don’t wait as illegal acts put you and other tenants at risk.

Your Lease Is Ending and the Tenant Refuses to Leave

If a tenant remains on the property after the lease term ends, they can be considered a “holdover tenant.” In this situation, provide proper notice that the tenant must vacate or you will begin eviction proceedings. Refusing to leave after the lease expires is unlawful even if rent is paid.

How a Property Management Team Can Help with Evictions

Attempting a DIY eviction can be exhausting and full of legal pitfalls. Working with a property management company provides valuable assistance navigating the eviction process. Here are some key benefits of having a property manager handle evictions:

We Know State and Local Laws

Our Dallas property managers understand Texas eviction laws in detail. Our team stays up to date on legal requirements regarding notices, court procedures, and warrant processes.

If you’re facing complications with your eviction efforts, trust our expertise to help prevent procedural mistakes.

Experience Managing Documentation

We are meticulous record keepers. Whenever we work with a landlord managing renters, we maintain thorough documentation like signed leases, rent ledgers, and maintenance records.

Having a breadcrumb trail to follow when eviction rears its head offers evidence that supports your case during an eviction. Experienced Dallas property managers like us know what documents are needed and how to complete them correctly.

Tenant Communication Skills

Communicating with tenants facing eviction can be uncomfortable. However, reasoned diplomacy may convince them to vacate without a court battle. Property managers are trained to negotiate professionally. We use our tried and true communication approaches to attempt reasonable agreements while firmly upholding your lease.

We understand that skilled communication provides the best chance of an amicable resolution.

Availability and Time Savings

As a landlord, you likely have obligations and a busy schedule already. Researching eviction protocols, filling out legal forms, photographing property damage, appearing in court, and overseeing warrant officers takes immense time and energy.

Let our Dallas property managers handle these cumbersome tasks for you. Eviction can be stressful, but we won’t let the process deter you from focusing on other priorities.

Keep Evictions Smooth and Legal With Classic Property Management

Evicting a tenant is often the last resort in a sticky situation. However, these unfortunate incidents happen and if you do face serving an eviction, don’t go through the process alone. Partnering with Classic Property Management provides the knowledge and efficiency needed to remove problem tenants while following the letter of the law. Leverage our expertise as Dallas property managers to resolve evictions as smoothly as possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.