Homeowner satisfaction of their association is synonymous with the quality of its leadership. When a volunteer serves on an HOA board, they take on a large amount of responsibility that can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Access to information, expertise and management resources are vital for volunteer board members.

Classic Property Management aligns technical innovation with our vast experience within the association management sector to make your community the absolute best association it can be.

Our team of professional HOA managers works closely with your board to create solutions that:

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    Strengthen the association
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    Maintain and increase the value of a community
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We provide advanced association management solutions that promote and make serving on an association board an experience to enjoy.


Does Your Community Need to Discover the Classic Difference?

Your community should always be focused on the goals of increasing property values while establishing an excellent community for the homeowners who call your neighborhood “home.”

Classic Property Management has the ability to handle all facets of association management with expertise and efficiency. 

Trust us to use our association management services to bring your association a management team that views homeowners’ satisfaction and your value of the community as its top priority.

What Makes Us Different

Organizational Services

Financial Support

Association Maintenance Support

Leadership Support

Web Services

Organizational Services

At Classic Property Management, we understand the challenges Board members face when tasked with duties and responsibilities and the various operational processes required for effective management. Covenant enforcement, vendor management, and homeowner services all require streamlined processes to deliver quality operations.

Trust us to assist the HOA board in the administrative management that will drive your association forward.

Financial Support

Efficient, accurate financial recordkeeping and reporting are essential to successful association management. Our HOA management services utilize a combination of advanced technology and experience in the financial field to help meet your association’s financial goals.

With an experienced association and property management team on your side, no longer will your board have to chase down delinquent assessments. Our team will successfully handle all aspects of delinquency collection, from friendly reminder notices to timely demand letters.

We work closely with the association’s legal counsel and monitor those forwarded accounts for legal collection.

  • We will always ensure that the proper collection steps are utilized so that your community is never short-changed. Our team accounts payable specialists ensure that all association expenses are timely and accurately processed.
  • We have streamlined the annual budget process to allow for the creation and approval of a reliable financial guide for each year.

Association Maintenance Support

Your association needs quality maintenance of all HOA amenities, buildings, and grounds. Classic Property Management works closely with the board of directors to conserve the architectural integrity and continued maintenance of the community via resident compliance and the recruitment of highly qualified vendors.

The goals of our HOA maintenance support are in place to:

  • Preserve homeowner investment
  • Operate the community at peak efficiency
  • Prevent the failure of shared building systems
  • Create a healthy environment for your community
  • Provide cost-effective maintenance

Project Coordination

Your association’s capital projects are integral to the preservation of your community. Our managers will successfully manage the process of acquiring bids for special projects and assist the board in hiring project experts and insured contractors.

Long-Term HOA Maintenance Programs

An element of our maintenance support is creating long-term maintenance programs that resolve specific problems that a community faces. We advise your board on the most cost-efficient and effective solutions for maintaining common element components of the community.

Property Site Visits

Through the high-quality technology we utilize, Classic managers are able to complete full site visits of their communities. Managers have the ability to analyze maintenance needs during these visits, direct vendors regarding the repair and improvement items. They have all data sync to our mainframe system before returning to our office.

Leadership Support

Staying in touch with your homeowners is critical to your association’s success.

Classic prepares meeting announcements, budget and financial statement mailings, homeowner guides, and other essential correspondence the board provides to residents and service providers.

Our team maintains all pertinent association files, records, contracts, and insurance policies to ensure that your association is compliant with proper record retention.

Web Services

Classic leads our communities into the technological landscape. Our team will maintain a state-of-the-art Association web system that encompasses a community website complete with the integration of board and homeowner portals.

We offer online features that make association management as simple as the click of a mouse.


Trust Classic Property Management to Put Our Tools to Use for Your HOA

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Our mission at Classic Property Management is to create an environment where owners enjoy their homes and enjoy participating in the governance of their community.

Our mission at Classic Property Management is to create an environment where owners enjoy their homes and enjoy participating in the governance of their community.

If your association is ready to become the community your homeowners deserve, it’s time to experience the Classic difference. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can bring organization to your community.