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Hosting the Perfect Open House in Dallas

January 15, 2024
Landlord Tips, Residential Property Management
Hosting the Perfect Open House in Dallas

It’s open house season in Dallas! As a landlord, hosting an open house is a prime opportunity to showcase your rental property, meet prospective tenants, and potentially fill a vacancy quickly. But what does it take to host the perfect open house that attracts renters and leads to leasing your unit fast?

This comprehensive guide takes you through everything Dallas landlords need to know to plan, prepare, and host a flawless open house event. Follow these tips to showcase your rental in the best light and lease to great tenants.

Why Hosting an Open House Matters

Opening your doors to allow prospective renters to explore the property on their own time can really pay off if done right. Here are some of the biggest benefits of regularly hosting open houses.

Faster Lease Times

According to the American Apartment Association, properties holding an open house tend to rent faster compared to listings without them. With minimal marketing, the average property takes between 30 and 60 days to rent. Most landlords don’t have that time to waste, so hosting an open house and filling a vacancy quickly is in their best interest.

Increased Local Buzz

Open houses build excitement and interest in the rental, creating a sense of demand. Instead of just viewing photos online, visiting in person leaves a stronger, more memorable impression.

Convenience for Renters

By providing flexible viewing times, you accommodate serious prospects who want to take a tour. Not everyone can visit during business hours.

Feedback from Showings

Speaking with multiple visitors gives you valuable insights into how they perceive your rental. You can gauge if it shows well or any concerns to address.

Stand Out from Listings

In a hot market like Dallas, holding an open house makes your unit stand out from other rentals that simply list online. The added visibility and access can attract more qualified tenants.

Picking the Perfect Open House Time

A successful open house relies heavily on choosing the optimal date, time, and duration for the showing. Here are some tips on scheduling so you can find the perfect renter to screen for your vacancy.

Aim for Weekends

Saturdays and Sundays tend to work best, when most prospective tenants are off work and can visit readily.

Afternoon Hours

The prime window is between 2-4 PM on weekends. Mornings can be too early for renters. Avoid evenings when many have dinner plans or kids activities.

Host for 2-3 Hours Max

There’s no need to have an open house for more than 2-3 hours total. Longer showings can get sparse attendance after the initial rush.

Avoid Holidays and Local Events

Major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving are poor open-house times when travel plans keep people busy.

Look out for major events or festivals happening locally on a date that could decrease attendance.

Promoting Your Open House Effectively

Strong promotion and advertising are essential to draw prospects to your open house.

Online listings are your best friend. Post the open house on rental websites like Zillow, Trulia,, HotPads,, and any other sites you advertise on. Highlight the date/time prominently.

List the open house on your property website and blast it out on social media channels. Create an eye-catching graphic and lead headline to share.

Yard Signage

Place colorful signs on busy streets and intersections near the property at least 1-2 weeks in advance. Include “Open House” in big bold text that attracts attention.

Local Classifieds

Place a classified ad in local newspapers and magazines. The text ad can provide more details to drive traffic.

Spreading the word across multiple platforms ensures maximum visibility and turnout.

Preparing the Property for Showings

First impressions matter, so you’ll want your property looking its absolute best for the open house.

Remove clutter, personal items, and extra furniture from all rooms. Thoroughly clean the entire home, paying special attention to kitchens, bathrooms and high-traffic areas.

Fix any broken or cosmetically damaged items like leaky faucets, stuck drawers, cracked tiles, or holes in drywall. Renters will notice flaws.

Mow the lawn, trim hedges, clear leaves and weeds. Paint the front door. These exterior touches create inviting curb appeal.

Clear kitchen counters and accent with décor. Set the dining table nicely. Make beds and arrange living spaces attractively. Staging showcases functionality.

Before the open house, air out any stuffiness and spray a light air freshener. Play soft music that sets a calm relaxing mood.

This prepping stage should be at least 1-2 weeks before your planned event.

What to Have Ready for Attendees

The day of the open house, you’ll want to have all the necessary materials prepared to provide renters who attend.

Property Information Sheets

Print flyers with property details like sq. footage, bed/bath count, amenities, school district, local attractions, and your contact info. Have stacks by the entryway and in key rooms.

Include Neighborhood Details

When a renter moves into your property, they are also moving into your neighborhood. They’ll want a neighborhood that matches the quality you’re advertising. Prepare a one-pager on neighborhood info like safety, walkability, nearby parks and dining. Renters want to get a feel for the area.

Application Forms

Have blank rental applications and instructions on hand for anyone ready to apply on the spot. Make pens available.

Food & Refreshments

Everyone loves free and everyone loves food and drink. Combine the best of both worlds and offer water bottles, soft drinks, and light snacks like cookies. This hospitality leaves a positive impression.

Providing relevant information shows you’re organized, responsive, and great to work with.

Always Secure Help Hosting from the Experts

For busy landlords and real estate investors, trying to handle all the open house preparation and hosting on your own can be daunting and distracting. An easier approach is to turn to trusted Dallas property management professionals like Classic Property Management.

Our experienced team can market your Dallas open house, handle all the prep work like cleaning and staging, print promotional materials, and staff the event from start to finish. Essentially, we free you up to enjoy your big day!

With our help running a polished open house, you can attract top-notch renters to your properties quickly. Contact Classic Property Management to learn more about our comprehensive open house services for Dallas-area landlords and investors.

Ready to Showcase Your Property? Call Classic Property Management Today!

Hosting a successful open house takes effort, but the rewards are well worth it. A strategically planned event with strong promotion can generate excitement and lease your unit faster to ideal tenants.

Now that you know the ins and outs of organizing the perfect open house in Dallas, are you ready to open your doors? Contact Classic Property Management today to get our managers on your side for the ultimate property viewing! Ready, set, open house!