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How to Show a Rental Property

February 16, 2024
Landlord Tips
How to Show a Rental Property

As a Dallas landlord, showing a rental property is one of the most effective ways to fill a vacancy within a relatively short time frame.

With the right preparation and showing strategies, you can increase your chances of leasing out your vacancy to the ideal tenant.

We’ve shown you how to prepare for an open house! Now, let the experts of Classic Property Management show you the way to a successful showing day.

Thoroughly Clean the Property One Last Time

When it comes to real estate, the first impression could be the only one you’ve got. You can never have too clean a property.

An immaculate rental makes the best impression. Spend time thoroughly cleaning the day before and the day of the open house. Pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, as these spaces can make or break a prospect’s opinion.

Consider having carpets professionally cleaned as well. You want the home to look clean, tidy, and move-in ready.

Stage Key Living Areas

Look at your rental through the eyes of someone on the hunt for their dream home.

Are there ways to stage certain living areas like the living room, master bedroom or kitchen to help prospects envision themselves in the space?

For example, setting the dining room table or adding a couple of throw blankets on the sofa can help prospects picture entertaining or relaxing. Just don’t overdo it with too much clutter.

Check Access and Flow

You may not be about Feng Shui, but it’s always a good idea to make sure your rental has a welcoming flow for prospective tenants.

Walk through the property, opening closets and checking that all lights work properly. Make sure prospects can easily access and flow through the space. Unlock gates or doors leading to outdoor areas like the backyard.

You want prospects to easily see the full layout and scope of the property.

Have Information Ready

You’ve got a lot on your plate, and this is where our team of Dallas property managers can step in. The day of your open house, we can ensure you have all relevant rental information ready to share with prospects.

This includes the rental application, your tenant requirements, details about the neighborhood, and your contact information.

We can even have these prepped in a professional-looking folder that screams organization and builds credibility.

Mind the First Impressions

Curb appeal and making a good first impression is hugely important. Before your showings begin, have your lawn maintenance team visit and ensure the entry and front of the house are tidy, free of cobwebs and debris. You want visitors excited and in love with your property before they even walk in.

Rethink Refreshments

Whether or not to offer refreshments is up to you, but reconsider large snack spreads. Shared public snack trays can still be a wary subject for some guests. If you want to kick in something extra, a small tray of bottled waters may be a safer option.

Effective Showing Strategies

Your goal is to get prospects throughout the entire property, effectively showcasing everything it has to offer.

Give a quick full tour first before doubling back. Get them interested in the whole scope before focusing on rooms.

During your big tour, point out special features and updates as you go, like spacious closets or recent remodels.

Don’t forget to tailor the showing to your guests. Ask them questions about their needs and be prepared to answer how the property fits them without over-talking. Let prospects lead, focusing on what interests them most.

If they seem interested, be affirmative and mention next steps like submitting an application and starting the screening process.

Avoid Showing Missteps

Seemingly small mistakes during showings can deter prospective renters. Be sure to avoid these faux pas during your showings:

  • Don’t follow too closely. Give prospects space to view the property on their own terms.
  • Avoid talking negatively about the rental or neighborhood. Stay upbeat.
  • Don’t contradict or negotiate with other agents attending with prospects.
  • Don’t point out flaws in the property. There’s no need to highlight imperfections.
  • Refrain from extensively discussing other prospects interested in the rental. Stay discreet.
  • Don’t hover right outside closed doors when prospects are alone in rooms. Allow privacy.

Wrapping Up the Open House

As your open house winds down, be sure to get prospect contact information and follow up ASAP.

Close out your showings the right way. Have someone stationed at the exit to get the names and contact info of all attendees. Follow up quickly while it’s fresh.

Note which prospects spent the most time viewing or asked many questions. They become hot leads to contact quickly.

Send a thank you to all prospects, reiterating interest in their application.

Show Your Rental Property in Style With Classic Property Management

We get it! Showing any property requires work that goes beyond standard landlord duties. However, showing your property can significantly shorten your days of waiting anxiously on the market when done strategically.

At Classic Property Management, we specialize in helping our clients prepare, present, and market their rental homes.

We ensure your rental stands out, allowing you to build relationships with ideal tenants. How soon might you fill your next vacancy? Consider having Classic Property Management assist with marketing and showing your Dallas rental property.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.