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Pitfalls of Old-School Landlords and Why Tech is Key for their Rentals

June 30, 2023
Landlords, Rental Property Management, Residential Property Management
Pitfalls of Old-School Landlords and Why Tech is Key for their Rentals

In today’s digital age, technology has permeated almost every aspect of our lives, transforming industries and revolutionizing traditional practices.


Yet, old-school landlords still resist embracing technology and even property management service with their rental property management practices.


While they may hold onto outdated methods out of habit or preference, this approach can create numerous challenges and inefficiencies.


Let’s explore the problematic nature of old-school landlords who insist on tackling management efforts on their own without technical or professional management help.

Limited Efficiency and Productivity

Old-school landlords often rely on manual processes for critical tasks like tenant screening, lease agreements, and rent collection.


Relying on gumption and boot strap pulling with these processes is both extremely time consuming and error-prone. Not only does it take time away from other landlord duties like timely property maintenance, but it could also land you with some troubling tenants in the long term.


Opening up to modern technology and accepting help from a management team like Classic Property Management (PM), brings streamlined solutions and experience that automate these processes, reduce administrative burdens, and free up your valuable time to be the best landlord possible.

Poor Communication and Accessibility

Traditional landlords may rely heavily on phone calls, paper mail, and face-to-face interactions for communication with tenants.


While this was all status quo before the age of smartphones, in today’s fast-paced world, tenants expect prompt responses when they have a question.


Waiting on a phone to ring or snail mail can leave the best renters impatient and feeling like their needs rest on the back burner.


A team like Classic Property Management in Arlington, TX embraces technology and uses outlets like text communication and dedicated property management software to communicate with tenants quickly and efficiently.


By bringing digital platforms to the forefront, you also allow tenants to report issues, make maintenance requests, or access important documents conveniently, promoting better accessibility and a smoother tenant-landlord relationship.

Inefficient Maintenance and Repairs

Old-school landlords may struggle with managing maintenance and repairs effectively. Relying on paper-based systems or word-of-mouth communication can lead to delays, miscommunication, poor vendor selections, and unresolved issues.


However, by embracing technology, landlords can utilize property management software or apps that streamline maintenance requests, track repairs, and provide real-time updates to tenants.


This digital approach helps improve overall maintenance effectiveness and will quickly transform you into a landlord that takes prompt action and keeps their tenants satisfied when maintenance emergencies arise.

Limited Market Exposure and Tenant Acquisition

Marketing your properties in a crowded rental market like Dallas’s is essential for attracting great tenants you’d like to keep in the long run.


Traditional landlords who solely rely on old school advertising methods, such as “For Rent” signs or classified listings, may struggle to attract a wider pool of prospective tenants.


Yes, these methods are still viable, but expanding into a modern mindset will make your property marketing more efficient and satisfying.


In today’s digital era, the majority of renters rely on online platforms to search for rental properties. By implementing  digital marketing strategies and listing properties beyond the sign,  landlords break the limits of their market exposure and increase tenant acquisition opportunities.


Even if you may not feel ready to dip your feet in the tech pool on your own, an experienced property management team can help you accomplish the technical side of marketing while you stick to what you’re comfortable with.

Step Into the Future of Property Management With Classic PM


In a technology-driven world, old-school landlords who resist incorporating digital tools and property management help, face numerous challenges.


From limited efficiency and poor communication to inefficient maintenance and missed tenant acquisition opportunities, the drawbacks are evident.


Don’t let the fear of the future cause you to miss out on excellent landlord and tenant experiences. By working with a property management team like the experienced managers of Classic PM, you can stick to some old-school ways while seamlessly incorporating technology into your practices.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you turn over a new leaf on your management practices.