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Tips to a Stress-Free Holiday Season for Dallas Landlords

September 28, 2023
Rental Property Management
Tips to a Stress-Free Holiday Season for Dallas Landlords

The holiday season is a joyful but busy time of year. As a landlord in Dallas, Texas,  you want to ensure the holidays go smoothly for both you and your tenants.


With some preparation and communication, you can help make the winter holidays enjoyable for everyone.


It just takes time to make your holiday plans to ensure you and your renters enjoy the upcoming season. Let’s take a look at some things you can plan in advance with your property management team in Arlington, Texas to make the holiday season easier for you and your tenants.

Inform Tenants of Your Schedule

One of the first things you should do is let your tenants know your availability during the holidays. Will you be taking time off or traveling?


Make sure they know when you will be around to address any needs or issues. Send a letter or email to let them know when you can be reached and who to contact if a maintenance emergency arises when you are away.


If you are worried about your Dallas renters needing maintenance while you’re away, reach out to Classic Property Management to ensure your property is covered.


Just as you informed tenants if you intend to travel during the holidays, ask them to keep you updated on their plans as well.

Ask for travel dates and emergency contact information to determine if units will sit vacant. Also, inquire about any holiday house guests so you aren’t surprised by extra occupants or alarmed if you notice unfamiliar vehicles on your property.

Remind Tenants of Rent Due Dates

It’s easy to get distracted from routine financial obligations during the holidays. Avoid rent collection complications. Send a friendly reminder to tenants about December and January rent due dates in advance.


Consider allowing them to pay rent electronically through an online portal to simplify the process. Also, be upfront about your late fee policy and when eviction proceedings would commence if rent is unpaid.


Schedule Inspections and Maintenance in Advance


Try to schedule any inspections or maintenance visits for rental units in November or early December before the holidays get busy.


Both you and your tenants will appreciate having one less thing to worry about later in the month. For any necessary repairs or issues that cannot wait until January, clearly communicate with tenants so everyone is on the same page about access and timing.


After all, the last thing you want is interrupting anyone’s holiday with maintenance and repair clanking and clutter.

Review Snow Removal Duties

If you live in an area like Dallas, Texas where snowfall is possible, remind tenants who is responsible for clearing walkways, stairs, and parking spots at the rental property.


Outline your expectations for snow removal and any consequences if walkways become dangerously slippery due to lack of upkeep.


Also, work with our Arlington property management team to take care of common areas. It is better to have the conversation ahead of time than be forced to talk in poor weather after someone has slipped and injured themselves.

Adjust the Temperature

Program thermostats for vacant units ahead of time so pipes do not freeze if no one is there to adjust temperatures. For occupied units, find an appropriate temperature that balances comfort and efficiency.


Tenants will likely entertain guests and want a comfortably warm home for the holidays. Discuss setting guidelines for temperature adjustments with tenants.


The cold weather can get harsh in Dallas, so you’ll want to ensure the settings you recommend prevent HVAC breakdowns at the most frigid moments of the winter.

Permit Holiday Decorations

Decorating can make a rental feel more like home during the holidays. Clearly communicate in your lease or rental policy what types of holiday decorations are allowed both inside and outside units.


Ensure tenants know any restrictions like where they can place decorations, limitations for light installations, and policies on removal timing.

Send Season’s Greetings

Show tenants you care and wish them happy holidays by sending greeting cards, small gifts, or hosting a cookie exchange.


This strengthens your tenant relationships and lets you gently remind them of important topics like emergency maintenance contacts, due dates, or snow removal duties.

Plan for January Move-Ins/Move-Outs

While December is generally quieter for property viewings and moves, January sees an uptick in activity. Prepare for move-ins and move-outs by letting tenants know your availability for walkthroughs, inspections, and key exchanges. January is also an ideal time to list any vacant units to fill before spring.


Call Classic Property Management at (817) 640-2064 right now to start the rental property marketing process so your showing can be the best on the block when the time comes.

Review and Renew Leases

The new year is the perfect opportunity to review expiring leases and decide if you want to renew tenants. First, evaluate if tenants paid on time, caused issues, and abided by lease terms throughout the year.


Also, decide if you need to increase rent for next year’s leases. Start communicating with tenants early, so both parties have ample time to decide on renewing the lease.

Stress-Free Holidays with Classic Property Management

By being proactive and planning ahead, landlords in Dallas, TX can avoid many headaches during the holidays. Follow these tips for a smooth end of the year for both you and your tenants. With help from property management experts like Classic Property Management in Arlington, Texas, you can get organized and be prepared for a fun and successful holiday season.

Contact us today to learn more about our property management services.